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St. Petersburg Metro celebrated 65th anniversary


On Sunday, St. Petersburg Metro celebrated its 65th anniversary. On that day, the first metro train arrived at the Avtovo station.

Nowadays, St. Petersburg metro is the fourth largest metro system in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. It is also the deepest and, by far, the most beautiful in the world. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel’s Dmitry Kopytov tells about the metro and its people.

Dmitry Kopytov, reporter, tells: ‘In St. Petersburg, the metro is not just a means of transport, but a museum and a library. And, there are people, for whom the metro is their life and profession.’

Lilia Chernina, senior train controller, is one of them. She first came to the then Leningrad metro on June 13, 1988.

Lilia Chernina, senior train controller, recalls: ‘I saw a girl in a red cap on the platform, asked her about the job, and went to the personnel department.’

She met her husband at work. They are colleagues.

The 65-year-long history of the metro is full of events. In the 1990-s, quicksand forced to abandon the line connecting the Lesnaya and Ploschad Muzhestva stations and build a new one. In April 2017, a bomb attack occurred in the tunnel between the Sennaya Ploschad and Technologichesky Institute killing 15 passengers. Since then, security measures have been reinforced.

Yevgeny Kozin, Director, St. Petersburg Metro, tells: ‘At present, St. Petersburg Metro carries the fourth largest number of passengers in Europe, and ranks among the world’s top 20. Our main asset is our people.’

Dmitry Kopytov, reporter, tells: ‘St. Petersburg metro celebrates its anniversary at work. One of the main presents it received is the new depot put into operation in 2019, where three hundred trains are prepared for operations daily. One of the trains has become an exhibition hall.’

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel