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Baking bread at home becomes more popular in St. Petersburg

Baking bread at home becomes more popular in St. Petersburg

Bread maker sales doubled in April-May and grew 1.5-fold year-on-year this autumn in St. Petersburg. Demand for flour and yeast, the main bread ingredients, has also increased. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel’s Dmitry Tarasov wonders why.

Dmitry Tarasov, reporter, says: ‘Shopping for bread is a consumer habit that has been affected by the pandemic. In April, demand fell by 5%, seemingly, due to self-isolation. But after the restrictions were lifted, demand for bread continued sliding.’

In July, 3% less bread was sold than last year. At the same time, flour sales grew by 9% and yeast sales by almost 20%.

In spring, bread makers were in high demand in St. Petersburg. One of online retailers saw demand for these appliances surge 85% year-on-year. And it continues to grow.

Anastasia Samoilova, Corporate PR Director, Ozon, tells: ‘This autumn, bread maker sales in St. Petersburg are up 50% year-on-year. The average bill makes 6,600 rubles.’

Many people believe baking your own bread help you save money. Craft bakers confirm, quoting prices for ciabatta as an example. 

Ruslan Zakirov, Chef, Kuznya House, explains: ‘The basic classic recipe we use consists of flour, fresh yeast, a starter, sugar, salt, olive oil and water.’

‘Is it cheaper to bake bread at home?’

Ruslan Zakirov answers: ‘It is. Such a ciabatta will cost some 13 rubles, I believe.’

At a baker’s you would buy such a loaf for about 70 rubles. If you bake it yourself in an oven, you will save more than 50 rubles, but it will take several hours. A bread maker will save you time, but will pay back no sooner than you have made the 130th loaf. 

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel