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Saint-Petersburg TV Channel celebrates 10th birthday


Saint-Petersburg TV Channel started broadcasting 10 years ago, at 10.10 on October 10, 2010. Now, we are the leading channel of St. Petersburg telling about the life of the city. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel reporter Yury Scherbakov will tell about the anniversary and about the channel.

The working day of the news team starts when the rest of the city is sleeping. A cup of coffee, a final touch of professional make-up artists, and they are going live.

Every morning in St. Petersburg has been good for ten years already, provided you start it with Saint-Petersburg TV Channel.

News is something television starts with, 24/7 365 days a year. The first news is broadcast at 6 a.m., and the last at 10 p.m. 

Svetlana Trofimova, chief accountant, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, tells about her colleagues from the news team: ‘They are on the frontline, and we are in the rear, and together we are one team.’

Tatiana Chernova, director of the HR department, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, adds: ‘I would not say it is easy, but it is interesting and fun.’

Dozens of successful projects, numerous awards won in prestigious professional contests. Nowadays, more than 500 specialists, reporters, cameramen, directors, editors work for Saint-Petersburg TV Channel.

Yekaterina Khodarinova, Deputy CEO, Information Broadcasting, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, recalls: ‘We were starting with just 10 people in our information team, and that was creative.’

Creativity is definitely necessary to work on TV. Many of those who started the project are still with the channel.

Yury Zinchuk, Deputy CEO, Public and Politic Broadcasting, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, shares: ‘For me, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel is my life, my work, my mission, and my inspiration. It is also our salary, our people, our team, our family, our passion, our emotion, our great city, part of which we are. This is what Saint-Petersburg TV Channel is for me.’

Since Saint-Petersburg TV Channel started broadcasting, its audience grew manifold, and now people watch it everywhere in Russia.

Kirill Kalinin, Deputy CEO, Legal and Development, Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, tells: ‘We broadcast Russia-wide. The world is ahead of us. And to go global, we develop web projects, as the web is global.’

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel