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St. Petersburg students participating in WorldSkills Russia in semi-distant format


85 school and college students are representing St. Petersburg in the 8th national WorldSkills Russia championship. Would-be chefs, fashion designers, technologists, and builders are demonstrating their skills in a new semi-distant format. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel’s Kirill Radion reports.

Miroslav Reznichenko has been participating in the young professionals’ contest for the sixth time, twice in the junior category and for the fourth time as an adult. In 2020, he is the only young cook from St. Petersburg to get into the national final. The task is to make Primavera vegetarian pasta. The new format allows of working in the alma mater, with experts watching the contestants via cameras.

Miroslav Reznichenko, a national WorldSkills finalist, notes: ‘They see practically all mistakes. It is more difficult to cheat in the distant format.’

The contestants had three hours and a half to make two dishes. The criteria were the speed, accuracy, safety of cooking and the look of the dish. 

Kirill Radion, reporter, tells: ‘One of the criteria for the jury used to be the taste of the dish. This year, it was cancelled due to the distant format. I am no expert, but what Miroslav has made is really delicious.’

Due to the distant format, the participants cannot see what their competitors are doing, so the intrigue is maintained.

Olga Usacheva, a vocational instructor with the St. Petersburg College of tourism, explains: ‘Previously, we could assess the work of other participants, this year we can see only our students.’ 

85 young professionals from St. Petersburg are competing in 100 competencies in the national final. Some of the professions are quite new.

Kirill Radion: ‘This 3D scanner scans more than 150 parameters of a human figure within 10 seconds to make clothes patterns.’

Only 5 Russian cities that have such an equipment sent their representatives to compete in Digital Fashion Design. But no robot can replace skillful hands.

Veronika Martynova is a future fashion technologists. She can draw, make dresses, and cut. It is the first time she has been participating in the professional competition. 

Veronika Martynova, a national WorldSkills finalist, tells: ‘We had individual classes with teachers, technologists and designers. I have learned a lot, much more than I could learn in a group with other students.’

The results will be known in a week’s time. At present, St. Petersburg contestants are leading in seven competency categories. This means they have a chance to become members of the national team and go to the global contest in January next year in Austria.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel