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Hipotherapy center developed in St. Petersburg


A hipotherapy center is to be built in the Novopolie horse riding club in St. Petersburg. The construction is to be completed by the end of the year.

Saint-Petersburg TV Channel’s Anna Bezkrovnaya reports.

Artyom greets Marta, his favouritte horse. The seven-year-old boy has been undergoing hipotherapy for four years already. The method is considered especially efficient for rehabilitation of patients with infant cerebral palsy. Now, Artyom can stand and is trying to walk. 

Lyudmila Trifanovskaya, mother of the young patient, tells: ‘Horses help relax and give a feeling of warmth. We are grateful to Svetlana, she worked with Artyom a lot.’

Of course, patients with infant cerebral palsy cannot rely on hipotherapy alone. They also need medical gymnastics, massage, and a swimming pool. The Trifanovskys go to doctors to a medical center in the northern part of St. Petersburg and come for hipotherapy here, to the southern part. But after the construction of the hipotherapy center is completed, they will have all the specialists they need there.

Svetlana Lytko, President of the Novopolie riding club, tells: ‘In addition to hipotherapy, we also have psychologists and art therapists, but we had little space for all these activities.’

Now they are going to have more space for rehabilitation and therapy. The ceremony to celebrate the re-start of the center construction was attended by both patients and representatives of the All-Russian People’s Front, who support the project.

The construction of the center started in 2017, but there was not enough money to complete it. This summer, WW2 veteran Zinaida Korneva who earlier collected 4 million rubles for the families of doctors and nurses who died of COVID-19, asked President Putin for assistance, and he promised to help. After that, private benefactors came in.

Andrey Ryabokon, head of the regional All-Russian People’s Front committee, explains: ‘Socially responsible businesses are helping complete building the center. It is private money.’

The family rehabilitation and recreation center is to be built by the New Year. At present, about a hundred children get free hipotherapy here. When the center is in operation, more children will be able to take part in rehabilitation programmes. 

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel