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Hospice for young adults to be established in St. Petersburg


It is scheduled for inauguration in late 2021.

A hospice for young patients aged 18 to 25 is to be opened in St. Petersburg by the end of the next year. It will offer not only medical help, but social and psychological assistance as well. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel reporters Maxim Lebedev tells in detail.

Ten years ago, the first children’s hospice in Russia was established in St. Petersburg. It was the first to offer palliative therapy for children aged 3 months to 18 years and remains unique in Russia.

Violetta, mother of a patient, tells: ‘The conditions are wonderful, with help and observation 24 hours a day, and psychologic support for mothers and children. I don’t know what we would do without the hospice.’

The hospice has now some 250 children in care. And it is developing, with branch hospices opened in Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg and in Domodedovo near Moscow. A new branch is to open soon in Belgorod. And there is a new project, a hospice for young patients.

Archpriest Andrey Tkachenko, director of the St. Petersburg children’s hospice, explains: ‘It will be a new type of hospice, for young adults, with a lot of educational and entertainment activities in addition to serious therapy.’

At present, hospices in Russia are either for children, or for adults. The first hospice for young adults is to be built in Pushkin near St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov has signed an order to use a former children’s sanatorium for that purpose. The hospice will equip the building with the necessary medical equipment. There will be 15 beds in the hospice.

Oleg Ergashev, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, says: ‘I strongly believe that this will be a hospice of the future based on the moral principles of the Russian Orthodox Church and providing medical assistance of the very highest standard.’

The project is worth 400 million rubles (5.6 million dollars). The hospice is to be inaugurated at the end of 2021.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel