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Russian Navy Heroes Alley inaugurated in Kronstadt


The solemn ceremony was held on Russian Navy day on Sunday.

The Russian Navy Heroes Alley in Kronstadt was opened in a solemn ceremony on Russian Navy day on Sunday. A territory of 150 meters commemorates the 300 years of the Russian Navy history connecting the past and the present.

It took just three months to create the alley. It is the first and central object in the historic park Island of Forts to be developed in Kronstadt. 

The alley commemorates thirteen fleet commanders starting with Peter the Great and ending with Sergey Gorshkov, Admiral of the USSR Fleet.

Ruslan Tsalikov, Deputy Minister of defense, commented: ‘On Navy Day, celebrating the fleet that has a more than 300 years’ history, it is important to start something new. And this new should be worthy of mentioning alongside the deeds of Peter the Great, who created the Russian fleet.’

There are small exhibits next to the name of each fleet commander illustrating their achievements and symbolic of all mariners, like a ship’s wheel or an anchor.

The alley will be in the center of the would-be Island of Forts that is to become a new cultural and historic cluster of St. Petersburg.

Xenia Shoigu, member of the Kronstadt development working group, tells: ‘There will be a museum, a cableway, a hotel complex, a new building of the cadet school, the oldest one, is to be built.’

These are future plans. And in the near future, on August 8, the first phase of the park is to be opened. It is actually ready. There will be grounds, panoramic swings, and a children’s camp.

Konstantin Khabensky, actor, explains: ‘The children’s camp is the main part of the park.’

The Island of Forts is to become a center commemorating the glory of the Russian Navy, the first project of the kind in Russia.