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New fishing trawler launched in St. Petersburg


The vessel “Mekhanik Maslak” is designed for trawling and processing fish in the Russian Far East.

Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg have launched the fishing trawler “Mekhanik Maslak”. 10 vessels of this design are to be built at the yard. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel reporter Maxim Lebedev tells about the unique features of the trawler.

Maxim Lebedev, reporter: ‘“Mekhanik Maslak” is one of the most advanced trawlers in the world. It is actually a huge refrigerator for fresh fish, which allows to preserve its good taste. The vessel is designed for bottom trawling herring and pollock.’

It is also a floating fish processing plant with a capacity to produce up to 80 thousand tons of minced fish and fillets a day. It will also process caviar and make fish oil and fish flour. The shipbuilders say the vessel is unique.

Alexander Buzakov, Managing Director of Admiralty Shipyards, explains: ‘The rather compact ship hull accommodates a fish processing plant and a fish flour facility. It is equipped with state of the art fish search devices.’

The launching ceremony is considered the second birthday of a vessel, the first one is the start of steel cutting. When launched, the vessel bids farewell to land.

The trawler was built in the framework of the federal concession programme aimed at modernizing the Russian fishing fleet.

Ilia Shestakov, Deputy Minister of agriculture, head of the Federal agency for fishery, tells: ‘The investment is to make about 200 billion rubles during 5 years. The fishing industry will get 68 new vessels, including large ships like this one.’

The “Mekhanik Maslak” is the first serial vessel of the type. The lead ship in the series, the “Kapitan Vdovichenko”, was launched in March. By the end of this summer, keels are to be laid for two more vessels of the project. All in all, Admiralty Shipyards are to build ten trawlers of the ST-192 project.

Gleb Frank, Chairman of the customer’s company board, states: ‘Serial fleet construction is becoming a reality in Russia.’

The trawler will be deployed in the Russian Far East. The vessel is to be delivered to the customer in July next year.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel