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St. Petersburg celebrates Victory Day


On May 9, St. Petersburg together with all Russia celebrates the victory over the Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. This year, the military parade has been postponed, and most of the festivities are held online.

Today is one of the main state holidays in Russia, Victory Day commemorating the victory over the Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War 75 years ago. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, festivities had to be either postponed or held online.

Congratulating St. Petersburg residents, Governor Alexander Beglov said: ‘Victory Day is a most radiant and revered holiday in our country. Our veterans are the main heroes of this holiday. We thank them for having defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland 75 years ago giving us the happy chance to live in piece in the most beautiful city of the world, work and bring up children and grandchildren. We bow to you thankfully, dear veterans! Memory eternal to those who died in the war!’

‘We had large plans to celebrate the glorious anniversary of the Victory. But due to the epidemic we cannot get together, and march with portraits of our grandfathers who fought in the war, or take part in other actions. There will be gun salutes instead of fireworks. But this does not cancel Victory Day. Just some festivities have been postponed until we can meet in person. I am sure our city will stand this ordeal with honour,’ the Governor said.

In the morning on May 9, the military aviation of the Western Military District made a flight over the Motherland Monument in the Piskarevskoe Memorial cemetery to commemorate those who died during the war and the Siege of Leningrad proceeding over the Palace Square and the Neva River.

The warships of the Leningrad Naval Base raised the State Flag of the Russian Federation, the Naval Ensign and the Victory Banner in a solemn ceremony held at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment in St. Petersburg.

The Kirovsky Zavod plant, a major manufacturing of agricultural machines and equipment, held a tractor parade. 

Fire was lit on the beacons of the Rostral Columns on the spit of Vasilievsky Island in the morning and will be lit again in the evening. 

And, gun salutes will be fired in the evening to pay tribute to all those who died defending their country. 

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel