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14-year old animal volunteers dreams of opening animal shelter


St. Petersburg girl helps some 40 animals and runs an Instagram account about animal volunteering.

Anastasia (Nastya, for short) Zenova got interested in animal volunteering activities at 10 when she read a post about a pup rescued by volunteers. She started visiting animal shelters with her parents to take dogs for a walk, and feeding stray cats with a friend of hers.

‘Once, I found a blind kitten and decided I should help it. I phoned several shelters but they refused to take it and said that I should do something myself. I found a girl who agreed to keep it for some small money until I find a home for it,’ Nastya told Saint-Petersburg TV Channel.

The girl created a social media group telling about the kitten and asking for help. ‘Now, three years later, I sometimes get pictures of it’, Nastya tells.

During three years and a half Nastya was able to save some 70-80 animals. Now the girl is helping some 40 animals, mostly cats and dogs, but birds, too.

‘I plan to find homes for the animals I take care about now. And then I want to get prepared and open my own animal shelter when I come of age. This is a dream, of course,’ the girl shared her plans.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected her activities. ‘Everything became a bit more complicated, due to the self-isolation. People stay at home, previously there were people ready to bring animals food or take an animal to a veterinarian, but now it is a lot more difficult to find people ready to take something somewhere, and, of course, I don’t want to put them at risk.’

‘We are buying more animal food in advance to make fewer deliveries. And I cannot come to see animals as often as I used to, but I get pictures and videos of them,’ Nastya explained.

Nastya runs an Instagram account telling more than a thousand followers about the animals she rescues. She is thankful for any help and is a living proof that anyone can help animals.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel