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St. Petersburg businessman helping pensioners in self-isolation

St. Petersburg businessman helping pensioners in self-isolation

The founder of a farm produce delivery service makes free food packages for elderly people.

St. Petersburg businessmen have joined their forces to help elderly people during the self-isolation period. They buy food products and deliver them to those who need it. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel reporter Milana Ikonnikova took part in the action.

Vegetables, fruit, canned meat and cereals are maybe not gastronomic delicacies, but they are substantial and free of charge for the recipients. The author of the idea is Timur Khlystov, the founder of a farm produce delivery service. One package is worth about a thousand rubles (13.8 dollars). The businessman pays for everything from his own money. Part of the money he earns on delivering farm produce is now used to buy food for the elderly.

Timur Khlystov tells: ‘Many people started ordering food delivery during the pandemic. They also have food delivered to their parents and older relatives, people would call from other cities asking to deliver products to their parents. This gave me an idea to help those elderly people who have no relatives in St. Petersburg.’

Timur learns about those who need his help from volunteers in social media. The criterion is, the person should be over 75. At present, 300 people are expecting delivery, and 40 people have already got their food packages.

‘Here are products for you!’

‘Is this all for me?’

‘Yes, exactly.’

Timur prefers to have someone whom the elderly people know present when he brings the food package. He also tries to avoid any communication, though sometimes it is difficult.

Timur Khlystov tells: ’One of the old ladies we visited had worked in the Hermitage as a guide for 60 years, can you imagine that? We just stood listening to her for some ten minutes, impressed by the contribution she made to the culture.’

Other businessmen have joined Timur’s project. Some bring their products, and some donate money.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel