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COVID-19 takes death toll on medics

COVID-19 takes death toll on medics

Russian doctors have published a list of their colleagues who died of coronavirus. Four out of the 28 names on the list are St. Petersburg doctors and nurses.

Russian doctors have published the names of their colleagues who died of COVID-2019. The Memory List consists of 28 names of doctors and nurses, four of them are St. Petersburg medics.

Sergey Beloshitsky, anaesthesiologists and intensive care specialist, worked in the Alexandrovskaya Hospital, Svetlana Davtyan and Maria Tyshko worked in the War Veterans’ Hospital, and Valentina Shuzhina worked in the Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Medicine.  

The authors of the list say their aim is commemorating their colleagues, not collecting statistics. Medics who know about their colleagues who died of COVID-19, are welcome to add their names to the list.

Meanwhile, another St. Petersburg doctor, neurosurgeon Alexey Filippov, died of coronavirus, a spokesperson for the St. Petersburg Committee for healthcare told Saint-Petersburg TV Channel. He worked in the Alexandrovskaya Hospital.

St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov has expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased medics. ‘It is hard and bitter to know that the novel coronavirus kills those who are committed to curing people,’ he said.

According to the latest statistics, as of Monday morning, 161 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in St. Petersburg during the previous 24 hours, stopcoronavirus.ru web portal reports. 

Interestingly, St. Petersburg residents worry about coronavirus less that people in other regions, a poll held by Rossgosstrakh insurance company showed. As a spokesperson for the company told Saint-Petersburg TV Channel, while residents of the Far East and Volga Federal Districts and Moscow describe their concern about COVID-19 as 10 out of 10, St. Petersburg people demonstrate a zero level of concern. 

Photo: pixabay.com