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Astronaut Anna Fisher visited St. Petersburg

Astronaut Anna Fisher visited St. Petersburg

The first mother in space gave a talk in the Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology named after Valentin Glushko.

Anna Fisher, a NASA astronaut and the first mother to make a space flight, gave a talk in the Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology named after Valentin Glushko in St. Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel’s Milena Ikonnikova reports.

Anna Fisher is already 70, but she retired only a couple of years ago. Her career is a model for women who wish to integrate work and family. In 1984, with a year-old baby, she did not hesitate to go to space.

Anna Fisher says, becoming a mother and going to space were her two dreams. And she was able to make them true almost simultaneously. She realized that she could probably not return from her space mission, but she thought her daughter would be proud of her.

The task of the mission was to bring two satellites to the orbit and to recover two other satellites. During the mission, Anna Fisher was responsible for communication with the astronauts. The team spent eight days in the space. 

This stripe was made specially for this mission, with five stars for each of the five team members, and a smaller sixth star, set a bit aside – for Anna Fisher’s little daughter.

In fact, Fisher went back to work just a few days after she gave birth to her baby. Her family supported her. A chemist and a Doctor of Medicine by education, Fisher had been dreaming about flying to space since she started with the NASA in 1978. 

She tells, it was a mere chance – a friend of hers told her they were selecting astronaut candidates, and she applied, hardly getting in time with all the documents.

Anna Fisher spent four days in Russia. Before coming to St. Petersburg, she visited Moscow. The visit was organized by the UN and the US Embassy. Space is a subject that unites our two countries.

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel




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