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Steve Engleheart brought Intrepid Proton-Man to St. Petersburg


A presentation of the comic book for children fighting cancer was held in the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute.


Last week, Steve Engleheart, one of the authors of the Marvel universe, came to St. Petersburg to present the Russian edition of his comic book about Intrepid Proton-Man. The presentation was held in the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute.

‘I think, a positive attitude is important to fight any decease, and there is everything to get a positive result in this center. My comic is an instrument, and therapy is work done by people,’ Steve Engleheart says.

The Sergey Berezin Medical Institute was the first clinic in Russia and the CIS to open a proton therapy center with a rotating gantry system. The method allows of treating the tumour without affecting healthy organs.

Arkady Stolpner, Chairman of the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute, tells: ‘When a child gets well, and children often get well, there is very little probability that in 10 years he or she will have a tumour in the same place, this is an important advantage of proton therapy. It is a bad idea to fight tumour in the same place in 10 years.’

Steve Engleheart was shown around the center and had an opportunity to see its equipment. 

Proton-Man will help, but to fight the decease he also needs help of other heroes, and those heroes are children. Their mission is to follow the doctors’ instructions and believe they will overcome.

The presentation was a real party for the young patients of the center, with hot-air balloons, competitions and master classes. All of them got a copy of the comic about Proton-Man.

Tatiana and Alexey Korepin: ‘He will help us and cure us, everything will be well.’

Doctors at the medical center say, the book is an educational one, Proton-Man explains to children some important things like why anesthesia is necessary, or why they should wear special masks.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel