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Famous figure skating trainer Tamara Moskvina gave master class in St. Petersburg


On January 7, guests of the St. Petersburg Christmas fair had an opportunity to feel like figure skating stars.


The world-famous figure skating trainer Tamara Moskvina and her pupils gave a master class at the Christmas fair in the Manezhnaya Squire in St. Petersburg. Vadim Fedoseev, Channel Saint-Petersburg reporter, attended.

A lot of people came to the skating rink, many of them brought their families. Everybody got a lot of
positive emotions.
The master class in figure skating was a Christmas present from Tamara Moskvina. Two of her young
pupils and Yuko Kawaguti, a Champion of Russia and Europe, assisted her. The elements they demonstrated were easy but spectacular. The main thing for the audience to understand was that you
can learn anything and just need time to improve your skills.
‘You, too, must have been afraid to take your first interview, and now you know all the ins and outs.
What you need is experience, and I have a lot of experience. Like I say, I am just 18, and the rest 60
years is just experience,’ Tamara Moskvina joked.
The audience was delighted, and many of the children decided they wanted to go in for figure skating.
‘I came here with my family, they are skating now, and my eldest daughter Sasha, who is six, skated with
Tamara Moskvina, and, maybe, it is a start of a long way for her.’
‘It is fun, and very creative. My granddaughter now wants to learn figure skating. I think, we will let her
‘Are you sure you want to go in for figure skating?’
After the master class in figure skating, the audience moved on to the Christmas fair for another portion
of positive. There was a concert, photo zones for everyone and free rides for children.