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Came to stay: foreigners in St. Petersburg

Came to stay: foreigners in St. Petersburg

Some of those who come to St. Petersburg for the first time, choose to stay, notwithstanding even the nasty weather.


St. Petersburg rates one of the top three most visited travel destinations in Russia during the New Year holidays. The city is an imminent source of inspiration, especially for people of creative professions.
Maria Marchenko, Channel Saint-Petersburg reporter, tells about those who chose to put up with the rain and brought some fresh ideas to St. Petersburg.

Giuliano Di Capua, a famous Italian theatre director, recalls the St. Petersburg of his youth nostalgically. It was the time when he studied in the Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy and started acting in the theatre and in cinema.

«I used to love sunbathing in the Field of Mars, and playing badminton».

A Swiss-born Italian, he stayed in St. Petersburg 25 years ago. These years have taught him never to leave home without an umbrella and to ignore the gray sky and the slush. Despite its severe character, St. Petersburg has won a place in his heart.

«I love my friends, my places. I am an amorous person, but very faithful and home-loving. Here, everybody knows and loves me, and as any other vain person, I like it when people recognize and greet me, no matter be it a street cleaner or a theatre critic», Giuliano Di Capua explains.

Every performance he stages is a sensation. He has not learnt the stiff manner that is considered ‘truly St. Petersburg-like’ and continues to astonish the audience with his expressive candour of a Southerner.

«My first kiss in St. Petersburg was something unbelievable. It was herring with vodka and onion. Herring with onion on bread and butter. I will never forget it», Giuliano Di Capua recalls.

Lola Dzhalolova, an ethnic clothes designer from Uzbekistan, never forgets her parents’ motherland. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and has been making clothes with an oriental flavor for 15 years.

«This fabric is handmade, it is velvet made on an old loom», Lola Dzhalolova tells.

Uzbek masters make unique fabrics using the 19th century techniques. Weaving silk threads into a cloth just 40 centimeters wide is a time and labour consuming work. Then the fabrics are dyed by hand with plant dyes.

Maria Marchenko,reporter:
«St. Petersburg ladies who feel the deficit of bright colours like these ethnic clothes. Actresses, singers, and business women come to this boutique».

Lola combines her creative profession with public activities, she is engaged in popularizing the Uzbek culture, and shares her business experience. She makes clothes, footwear, accessories, designs interiors for cafes and restaurants using St. Petersburg as an inspiration.