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St. Petersburg researchers developing universal anti-coronavirus vaccine platform


4.5 thousand people are ill with coronavirus-induced pneumonia in China. 106 people died, 60 have recovered and are out of hospital.

There is no vaccine against coronavirus, but researchers are working on it and can offer some ideas. Saint-Petersburg TV Channel reporter Kirill Radion studied the matter.

According to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency and the Institute of Experimental Medicine, no coronavirus cases have been recorded in Russia so far and it is too early to speak about an epidemic from China.

Natalia Belozyorova, researcher with the A.A.Smorodintsev virology department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, says: ‘The number of people who can be potentially infected when contacting a patient is currently below ten for the new virus, this is below the same index for flu and other coronavirus infections we have already faced.’

Mortality from complications, mostly pneumonia, is 2-3% of the total number of patients who caught the decease. Other infections lead to twice as many deaths. No vaccine against the coronavirus exists. There are some future-looking developments, but they will take several years to test and implement.

Larisa Rudenko, researcher with the A.A.Smorodintsev virology department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, explains: ‘There exist certain rules of implementing vaccines in medical practice. The medicine should be developed and laboratory tested to confirm it is safe to use. First, it is tested on animals and then undergoes several stages of clinical tests.’

Physicists could also assist. St. Petersburg clinics have been successfully implementing the matrix laser invented by St. Petersburg researcher Viktor Ovsyannikov. The device works on the affected tissues and normalizes the immune system. The inventor believes the laser can be used to fight the new decease.

Kirill Radion, reporters: ‘Researchers say the most efficient way to fight the new decease is to contain the outbreak areas. This is what the Chinese authorities are doing, they have forbidden traveling abroad. The Russian authorities made a similar move, no travelers from China are allowed into the country until at least the end of February.’

Russia has closed its land border with China. In St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport, incoming passengers are examined for their health condition, and the city’s hospitals are prepared to accept infected patients.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel