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A year of important events

A year of important events

The year 2020 will be quite intense in terms of major social, political and sports events in St. Petersburg.


In 2020, St. Petersburg will host two important international events. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Council and the leaders of the BRICS countries will meet here in summer. 

‘Our city has a special aura, a blend of Europe and Asia. For the BRICS, it is an important characteristic. St. Petersburg has played host to its summits in various formats more than once. It means the city has a reputation of an international communication center uniting continents,’ Dmitry Gavra, Ph.D. in sociology, Professor of the Saint-Petersburg State University explains.

The main sports event of 2020 for St. Petersburg will be the World Football Cup. Four matches will be played on the Gazprom Arena stadium. In June, the Russian team will meet the Belgian and Finnish teams, then, the latter two will play with each other. And on July 3, a quarter final game is scheduled.

‘The world’s best players, the European stars are coming together. Their personalities will be the main attraction. People will have fun, enjoy and discuss the games,’ Sergey Vedeneev, football trainer, says.

The traditional Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum is to be held on June 3-6. A week before the ‘Russian Davos’, media industry leaders will meet in St. Petersburg.

Maxim Tarakanov, reporter: ‘The Presidential Library will be one of the venues of the 45th World Advertising Congress. 1.5 thousand delegates will come to St. Petersburg at the end of May’.

The year 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in World War 2. On January 18, the day of breaking the Siege of Leningrad and on January 27 the 76th anniversary of the Leningrad Victory will be celebrated.

According to Elena Tikhomirova, Chairperson of the Saint-Petersburg society of the Siege of Leningrad survivors, there will be a concert in the Ice Palace.

In November, St. Petersburg is hosting the Cultural Forum and numerous congresses and festivals.

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel