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St. Petersburg best Abilympics region in Russia

St. Petersburg best Abilympics region in Russia

The city Abilympics team has won 13 individual medals.


St. Petersburg has become the best Russian region developing the Abilympics movement. The team of St. Petersburg won 13 individual medals in the National workskills championship for people with disabilities that closed on November 22 in Moscow. Channel Saint-Petersburg reporter Tatiana Bazhenova will tell the details. 

Basket making demands high concentration, instructors say, it is an art hard to master. But students of St. Petersburg’s Okhta College have been winning Abilympics awards in this discipline for a third year in a row. This year, Maxim Bubnov has won a bronze medal. It took the young man hours to improve his skills.

Yelena Belyakova, vocational instructor of the Okhta College, says: ‘I tell the students that they need a lot of practice. Those who take part in the Abilympics and other competitions should train and practice all the time’.

About two thousand contenders took part in the Russian Abilympics this year. They competed in 70 categories including IT, technical professions, arts and crafts. Out of the 33 members of the St. Petersburg team, 10 came back home with medals.

Eleonora Grozdilova was the best crochet master. ‘The assignment was to crochet a bag, each of the contenders was to add several elements of their choice to the basic model. I added a small coin purse and an inner fastener’, Eleonora tells.

St. Petersburg participants also won awards in social work, pottery, hairdressing, bike mechanics and car maintenance.

Yelizaveta Kryshnyakova, a student of the Karl Faberge College, was the best in jewelry making. It took her four hours to make a silver pendant. 

‘It was an experience fighting the fear of the public, an experience of a new workplace, with new instruments and new equipment’, she explains.

The winners of the Russian contest will be invited to the national team to participate in the International Abilympics that will be held in May 2021 in Moscow.

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel