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315th anniversary of St. Petersburg’s Admiralty Shipyards

315th anniversary of St. Petersburg’s Admiralty Shipyards

The shipyard is the city’s oldest industrial enterprise.


On November 5, 1704, Peter the Great founded the Admiralty House, which became Russia’s largest shipyard. Today the yard is celebrating its 315th anniversary. Channel Saint-Petersburg shares some interesting facts about the company.

The Admiralty Shipyards is the first industrial enterprise in St. Petersburg. The yard is almost as old as the city itself, its construction started just six months after the city was founded.

The construction of the first battle ship began at the Admiralty Shipyards in 1709. It was the 54-gun “Poltava”. Peter the First took part in the construction personally. 

The Admiralty Shipyards built Russia’s first submarine, the ‘secret vessel’ designed by Yefim Nikonov. In 1719, Yefim Nikonov, a carpenter from the village of Pokrovskoe-Rubtsovo near Moscow, who was illiterate and had to pay to have a letter written for him, sent a description of his invention to Peter the First. The Emperor got interested in the idea and after talking to the peasant ordered him to start building the vessel.

During Peter’s reign, the Admiralty Shipyards built 23 ship and over 200 galleys. The first news of a vessel being constructed at the yard dates back to January 12, 1705. By April 29, 1706, the first pram “Arcanne” was launched, followed by the yachts “Yekaterina” and “Lyubov” in May of the same year. By the end of 1715, ten 60-90-gun battleships were under construction at the Admiralty Shipyards.

During more than three centuries of its history, the yard built almost 3,000 vessels including the first Russian steamship “Yelizaveta”, the world’s first sea-going destroyer “Vzryv”, the famous cruiser “Aurora”, and the largest Russian-built battleship “Gangut”.

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel