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World’s youngest phyto-therapist lives in St. Petersburg


Alexandra Rogova has been studying herbs for 10 years out of her 12.


Alexandra Rogova, a school girl from St. Petersburg, has set a record with Guinness World Records as the youngest phyto-therapist in the world.

She discovered her vocation when she was just 2 years old. Now Alexandra is 12, and her knowledge of herbs astonishes even experts. She has been studying herbs for 10 years already and is working on a book now.

Natalia Rogova, Alexandra’s mother, says that her daughter started showing interest in herbs and flowers even before she learnt to walk – she would creep into the field and collect plants, and then tell the family about each of them in her funny childish language.  

Most of the family video archive is Alexandra – she asks to be called Alexasha – gathering herbs and speaking about their properties and use. ‘This is meadowsweet. It is good for your brain. Go to the field and pick meadowsweet if you want to get good marks at school’, she says in a video.

Alexasha inherited her love for herbs from her grandmother. She is keen on both the medicinal properties of plants and flowers and on their use in nutrition.

She says she loves cooking and actually uses herbs more often for cooking than as medicine. She makes meat wrapped in plantain and dock leaves and deep-fries pine sprouts, and says that young plantain leaves smell like chanterelle when ground. 

It took Alexasha four years to set a record at Guinness World Records. She sent videos showing her picking and cooking herbs, and made tests.

Now that Alexandra is a registered record-setter, she is working on a book about cooking during the Siege of Leningrad, together with her grandmother and elder brother. She wants to publish the recipes that helped the Leningrad people to survive when the situation was desperate. 

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel