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No incision surgery in St. Petersburg’s Almazov Centre

No incision surgery in St. Petersburg’s Almazov Centre

A unique minimally invasive operation was carried out in the Almazov National Medical Research Centre in St. Petersburg.


A unique operation for abdominal aortic aneurysm was carried out in the Almazov National Medical Research Centre in St. Petersburg. Surgeons did not make a single incision but used state of the art equipment instead. The patient will leave the hospital in just several days. Channel Saint-Petersburg observed the process.

There was a crowd in the operating room as specialists from Russia’s leading medical centers were invited to observe the operation made without a scalpel.

The surgery is conducted with a special tiny instrument inserted through minimal punctures to reach the affected aorta. The surgeons observe the progress using X-ray control.

The patient is a 64-year old man with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which means the vessel walls are weakened and can rupture. To avoid this, the affected section of the aorta should be strengthened with a stent graft, a polyester tube with a metallic carcass. In the aneurysm area, it is widened to fit tightly the aorta walls thus blocking the affected section of the vessel.

Cheng Shu, China’s leading vascular surgeon who makes several hundreds of such operations every year, was invited to consult the Russian doctors. He believes that Russia has a great potential in the sphere of minimal invasive surgery and shares his experience gladly.

Cheng Shu says that traditional open surgery is still widely used, but minimal invasive operations are practiced more and more often and they are better for the patient as they are less traumatic.

Surgeons who were unable to come to the master class watched the operation online. 

According to the representative of the Greek manufacturer of minimal invasive surgical instruments, in Europe such operations have been conducted since 2005. As new products appear, minimal invasive surgery should become routine.  

In the Almazov Centre, minimal invasive methods are used in cases when the patient is too weak for an open surgery. This technology is their only chance. 

Photo: St. Petersburg TV channel