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Scandal at Lisiy Nos over municipal elections votes counting



Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “Let’s stay with the topic of elections. Although, slightly different ones. I’d like to remind that the election of the new Governor went smoothly, with no scandals or violations. Which cannot be said about municipal elections. A huge number of high-resonance stories, situations and scandals happened there. Even the Kremlin has taken notice. Here is the reaction from the President’s spokesman Dmitriy Peskov, who was forced to comment on local elections in St. Petersburg. A quote from Kremlin.ru: in this case we would need comments from the Central Election Committee – because control and conclusions are made by the Committee”. End of quote.

So what’s with the CEC? Here’s their statement: there have been numerous complaints about the
election process during municipal elections in St. Petersburg. The Central Election Committee
rigorously supports all decisive actions by St. Petersburg’s election commissions – to restore the
rights of all members of the election process, which have been violated during the municipal
elections in St. Petersburg”.
But it is important to note here. There is a small detail, which is often neglected by amateurs.
The problem is that the city’s election committee is not responsible directly for municipal
elections. Those are run by local commissions. Meaning those municipal heads are essentially
controlling but the voting process and the counting of votes. That’s where the scandals and
finger-pointing usually happens.
Here’s one case, for example. This is one of the hotbeds of electoral tension – Lisiy Nos village.
An elite village, our own St. Petersburg’s “Rublyevka”. And almost Shakespearean level of
drama was seen here. One candidate accused another of falsifying vote count. Those have been
counted for several days now. And we will keep track of that scandal – and will update our
viewers if any violations surface during the re-count. Let’s move on now!”.
Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel