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Museum of Leningrad’s Blockade and Defense opens after renovations



Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “We begin with the biggest news of this week. Something all the city’sresidents have been eagerly anticipating. I am talking about the re-opening of the Museum ofLeningrad’s Blockade and Defense at Solyanyi Lane.

This is our city’s main museum. Main in its spirit, in the remembrance, in the attitude to
Leningrad’s heroism during the Blockade. The museum which tells the story of how the city was
dying and, at the same time, was reborn after the siege was broken.
The money for the renovation works was allocated from the Presidential Fund. To mark how
important this occasion has been. We have produced numerous reports on how the Museum has
been falling short of the required space to store all items. How many priceless items are being
stored in reserves. Like children’s toys found at the banks of the Ladoga lake. Those are the
traces of horrible tragedies when German bombers fired on caravans of boats, evacuating
children from the city. And how many diaries, pictures, items from the Blockade days have been
brought to the museum by the city’s residents. And all this has to become part of the exhibition.
So this revamped museum – is the among the best gifts to the city, first and foremost to the
survivors of the Blockade”.
Elena Tikhomirova, head of St. Petersburg’s society “residents of the Blockade
Leningrad”: “Thank you to everyone who took part and fought for it. I can now say the
Museum has started a new lease of life! This museum really is about the Blockade and the
Defense. It is a huge occasion for us!”.
Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “
“The current exhibition will consist of three parts. The frontline, the Road of Life and the
Blockade. The main concept – show, not tell. Here, for instance, is a recreated room of a
Leningrad family during the Blockade. Life, labor, fight for survival – all parts of this heroic
period are represented in the new museum. But the work would not stop there. Three thousand
square meters of exhibition will be added in the nearest future. Those are the spaces previously
occupied by the museum, but after it was almost destroyed during the “Leningrad’s case” – those
were handed over to the Defense Ministry. And now there is talk that those should be returned!
Alexander Beglov, interim governor of St. Petersburg: “We are now trying to resolve the
matter of returning 3-3.5 thousand square meters of property back to the museum’s possession. It
is a delicate matter and it would take time. But we are already gathering items for the exhibition
there and working out a concept”.
Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel