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A park with a view of the Gulf of Finland

A park with a view of the Gulf of Finland

A new park has been laid out near the Novokrestovskaya metro station.


A new public space has appeared on the map of St. Petersburg on Krestovsky Island near the Novokrestovskaya metro station.

The opening ceremony started with traditional ribbon cutting.

Locals find the place quite attractive.

The park is located between the metro station and the Gulf of Finland. There are swings, and street lamps, and lots of greenery – and no steps or curbs so everything is accessible for people with limited mobility.

There is a fine view of the Gulf of Finland from the park with the Lakhta Center skyscraper, the Western High-Speed Diameter highway, the dwelling houses on Vasilievsky Island and the Sea Façade passenger port.

To get a closer view of all these in detail, one can use stationary binoculars.

For children, there is a playground combined with a sportsground.

Ivan Gromov, head of the Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg, reminds that this territory used to look like a stone jungle, so the local authorities decided to develop a large-scale pedestrian area with several zones.

The new park is a link between the promenade that was inaugurated last year and a sports zone for cyclists, skateboarders and rollers to be opened next year.