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Maly Drama Theatre Opens new season

Maly Drama Theatre Opens new season

Lev Dodin, artistic director of the theatre, told about the plans for the anniversary season.


The Maly Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg started its 75th season with Hamlet staged by Lev Dodin, artistic director of the theatre, on September 9.

In an interview to Saint-Petersburg Channel, Lev Dodin told about the theatre’s plans for the anniversary year.

The theatre is currently having talks with film director Alexander Sokurov on staging a musical based on La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas.

On the first day of the new season the company rehearsed a new performance based on Dina Sabitova’s book No-Winter Land. Lev Dodin says, it will be a sort of a ‘family’ performance. It is directed by Yana Tumina, the first night is planned for December.

The company also continues working on staging Feodor Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. Hopefully, the first night will take place next spring.

‘It is an enormous novel with a large number of characters and side stories, a novel with a lot of problems. In our timetable, we even did not have it as “rehearsing The Brothers Karamazov”, but called it “studying The Brothers Karamazov”. We agreed that we study this great book, immerse into it and try to understand whether we have questions to ask Dostoyevsky himself. This is not so easy. Maybe, now we can say that we have passed the “studying” period and are starting to rehearse the would-be performance this season’, says Lev Dodin.

Besides, the Maly Drama Theatre will travel a lot during its 75th season, with tours to Azerbaijan, Australia, China and Great Britain planned.

Photo: «МДТ — Театр Европы» / vk.com