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Pine trees chopped down at Krestovsky Island. Why is this happening?


Naturally, these shots exploded the internet. What on Earth? This alley of blue-colored pine trees is a fond memory to all the city’s residents. Back in the days, people walked down this alley to the Kirov Stadium – to cheer on FC Zenit. Here are the shots from “Strike, another strike” movie of 1969 You can see the fans walking towards the stadium. And these trees have always dominated the island, being its main artery.


Naturally, you would have only one type of reaction when you see what looks like destruction of
one of St. Petersburg’s coziest corners – without public consent too. Feeling of deep offence.
What are you doing? Stop it! Where are the authorities? These are the nicest commentaries one
can see online regarding this situation. But the reality is that these pine trees have to be chopped
down! The reason – those are almost 80 years old. Planted right after the war. And over this
time, these trees have grown old as well as bug-infested. And their roots have gone dry. If some
time ago they received better care and more attention, these trees could’ve been saved. But now,
figuratively speaking, they have been terminally ill.

Trees grow and die. This is a natural process. Although, this particular species of pine trees can
live up to 250 years. But their longevity is pretty limited within urban landscapes. And younger
trees will be planted in their spot now. When these grow up, this alley will once again look like it
did back in the Leningrad days.

But one thing is very frustrating. Why has nobody from the city’s urban planning committee or
the Petrogradsky district authorities explained anything? They could’ve called the press, shown
the infestation of these trees, explained the necessity of chopping them down now. But none of
that was done. Everything was done upon the same old blueprint. What’s the point of
explaining? They can find out themselves if they want. But we are the city’s residents and want
our city to be respected, want to know what is being done with our city. Why do district
authorities put themselves above the need to talk to people? And until those authorities realize
how important it is to hold a dialogue with the society – we’ll have all those scandals, rumors
and mutual accusations. They have to learn to speak to the people. Its particularly easy in the age
of the internet, digital technology and social media. Learn to speak – and we will listen.