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Road chronicles – accidents at CAD and Mitrofanyevskoe Highway, assault on ticket person


On August 2nd, two road accidents happened within just several hours of one another. One at Mitrofanyevskoe Highway, the other at the beltway – around Kirovsky district. In the former, a bus driver lost control and rammed into a parked van. In broad daylight. On dry road. Not on a speedway and within city limits. And he knew he had many people – 10 passengers – in his vehicle, yet drove at such a speed that didn’t see a parked car. Which, by the way, had no other place to park but on a highway lane. This is not negligence. This is attempted murder.


Another similar case – at the beltway. A driver of a Mazda missed a turn and decided to backpedal to it. Another driver did not see him and crashed at full speed. Switching to rear gear on a highway is also not merely a negligent act. It is murder. As a result – a 7-year-old girl died, while her 12-year-old brother is now in intensive care.

This is becoming a regularity. Supplemented with foul-mouthed rants and brutality. Another cctv video from these couple of days, captured by a street cam. Two people walked into a bus and refused to pay for a ticket. The ticket person on the bus was a woman. She told them to pay, they first verbally attacked her and then hit her on the face. Bloodied her face ruthlessly and shamelessly. And that happens in our St. Petersburg – the one which used to be called Leningrad and went though the test no other city in the world ever experienced.

And this city also happens to be one of the most beautiful and glorious in the world too. We have a peculiar Leningrad style in the way we talk and act. So these couple of incidents from the past few days give us food for thought – what is happening to us? Why are we facing indifference, arrogance, negligence, brutality and indecency more and more in our city? On the roads. On transport. On the streets. And while it is up to the police to determine who’s at fault, we have to know the answer to “what to do” question. We need to continue acting as residents of St. Petersburg, otherwise this will become a different city. The one we don’t know and don’t want to live in. Because only if we are together we can be St. Petersburg!

Yuriy Zinchukhost:
«And now I would like to ask our directors to show the close-up picture of thescumbag who attacked that woman. We don’t want this to become a norm for our city. So – hereis his face. Look at him – he punched a woman on the face. The police has already launched acriminal case – and as part of it we are asking our fellow residents. If you happen to know thisman, his name or location – please contact local police authorites. We need to find this scumbag.Because this is our duty – as residents of St. Petersburg!»