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Hiding the surveillance system


Using the bus lane as a runway, taking off to fly above the Earthly traffic rules. The potential punishment is not a threat. This “cheekiest driver” reality show has hundreds of participants. And the most bizarre rides happen during the day when there are no traffic jams.


The spots equipped with surveillance cameras prompt decency with the drivers most of the times. Even fake cameras with red diode lights have helped to solve the problem, although not for long.

Dmitriy Popov, car expert: “It helped until a certain point. When some took these roads, realized the fines were not coming through and one could carry one. Even some navigation apps marked this as a camera circled in green - meaning the camera was fake”.

The main law of the roadside speed cameras - if it merely brings money, it doesn’t work. Because you have to prevent, not just fine. So there’s no real need in hiding those in the bushes or concealing them.

Although there are weird legal and financial situations in some cities. In Moscow, for instance, there are cameras installed on a concession basis. Meaning 236 rubles from each fine goes to the company which installed it. An average fine is 500 rubles - and if you pay it within the first few days, those are halved. The city’s budget gets pennies.

Lawyers are even more skeptical when it comes to speed cams. Essentially, a person is sitting in one’s private property, pictures of which are later archived - so this turns into personal data storage and processing. Which a driver did not sign up for. And there are also comical stories which result in lost time and wrecked nerves.

Vladislav Mesheryakov, lawyer: “There are many cases. For example, your car is towed away and the tow car breaks the speed limit. But you get the fine, because the camera took picture of your plates. And you cannot simply say I didn’t do it - you need to file an appeal within 10 days”. 

And if you don’t - you have to pay the fine. Almost like you wanted to drive faster than the tow car - while being up on it. And there are cases when breaking speed limits hit not just one’s wallet, but personal life too. 

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “Today, notifications of speed violations only carry your license plates on the picture. But they used to look like this. You can see not only the whole car, but who’s inside it. Letters breaking up families”. 

Your significant other looks at the picture where he or she sees someone else and compares it with the date. And you said that you were away from the city or late at work on that day. Numerous families have been broken by that. There are even cases when traffic cam pictures were used in divorce court proceedings”.

The real chaos erupts during rush hours. Drivers become totally indifferent to cameras.

Here’s what a designated lane on Kantemirovskiy Bridge looks like. If violating it costs 3000 rubles, you can count how many rubles per square meter pass through here every minute. The cheekiest ones are those who avoid the designated lane, yet make sharp turns from the adjacent lanes. This essentially escapes the cameras’ view.

Drivers often behave like naughty children - we do something rascalous and maybe nobody notices. After paying the fine, they steer clear of violating rules for a bit - but then do it again. 

Turns out that the only way to influence the drivers these days is make them pay even more fines.