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President Putin’s phone-in. What the people asked and what the president answered


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “And now let’s talk about the main political event of the week. I am talking about President Putin’s phone-in. Almost 2 million questions were addressed to the President – basically meaning every 70th Russian asked a question. But in 4 hours of conversation, the President managed to answer 81 questions.


What did the country ask? What was the President’s response? And, most importantly – what conclusions can we draw after that? Let us analyze the outcomes.

This was Vladimir Putin’s 17th live phone-in. You can have different opinions about the head of our state. But these phone-ins are always unique. It is one of the ways to answer a question for yourself – what kind of country are we living in? Where is it going? What worries Russians? And what country are we building? That is why the President’s answers are important. As well as the nature of the questions.

Here is one of the typical questions. In Tyumen region, a pipe to deliver water to a village has been under construction for several years now. It is 700 meters from the water source to the village. Just 700 meters. It’s not even a matter of federal governance, but of a local administration. But it took more than 20 minutes for the whole country – including the President, the Governor, Vice-Premiers and Ministers – was solving this issue live on TV. And after all the deliberations, when the Governor said “you need to leave a request”, Putin was almost shouting – I am leaving a request! What else do you need?

And this water pipe in the Tyumen region is like one of the grey examples of the Russia we want to change. Red-tape, fear of responsibility, inaction, laziness, indifference – many good things sink in all of that. All plans, ideas and aspirations to make our country better. If we have a live phone-in with Putin – we’ll have a water pipe. And heating. And the garbage will be removed from the street. In that case, it should be held more than once a year. Let’s have a phone-in with Putin 365 times a year – and we’ll definitely be living in a different country!

During the live broadcast, questions appeared occasionally on the ticker. And I noted one of those – “I want to change our country. Make it a little better. Will you help?”. The President would’ve almost certainly replied “yes” to that. But all of us must give the same response to that question. And we must not wait until someone else does this for us. There is no one else – just us. Everyone at one’s own spot – at work and outside of it. And then it will definitely be a different country. But Putin can only help us a little – and he will. Not only during the live phone-ins”.