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The official start of election campaign. St. Petersburg’s Parliament sets the Governor Election date


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “We begin with the biggest political news of this week. St. Petersburg’s Parliament exercised its right and set the date for the election of the city’s highest ranking official. And now St. Petersburg will have to make its choice – on September 8th. So the election race has officially began. It is impossible to cancel it or move it. And a very important period – from political and historical perspectives – is on. This is how the Speaker of the Legislative Council has described it”.


Vyacheslav Makarov, Chairman of St. Petersburg’s Legislative Council: “I tell all the candidates for the Governor’s seat in this hall – St. Petersburg must be the winner. I’m telling you again – we understand and have to understand the significance of this moment. We are beginning this marathon. Starting a path towards St. Petersburg’s future”.

Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “So, the political process has begun – which will culminate with the Septermber 8th voting and understanding of St. Petersburg’s course for the next 5 years. Surely, one can have various opinions about this. You can say – all this is irrelevant, nothing depends on me, the winner will be elected without me. You can ignore it on the day and go about your own business. But I think that thousands – or even millions – of such opinions grip our city and don’t let it move forward – like rust hampers a ship. This indifference and doubts are like mold – and kill any chance of changing anything in this city. To make it a little brighter and more comfortable. There will be only one winner. But even if your candidate loses, you will have the right to say – yes, but I did all I could. I made an attempt to change the world, to change St. Petersburg. And I will do it until I have the right to do it. The right to be the resident of St. Petersburg. So we took to the streets to ask the people – what qualities must a future Governor have? And what historical person would they vote for now? Lets listen to the vox populi.

— What qualities must a future Governor have?

— Honesty, dignity, steering clear from corruption.

— Quick to react to tasks, confidence in one’s ability and promises.

— Clean hands, clear mind and warm heart.

— The ability to do run things must be the priority.

— Trustworthiness, responsibility, generosity.

Self-confidence. Ability to make the right decisions. Honesty. Уверенность в себе, умение принимать правильные решения, честность.

— What historical person would they vote for now?

I think Peter the Great wouldve been a great Governor.

Suvorov, for sure

— Maybe Peter the Great

— Speranskiy. He formulated laws very concisely – and it was easy to implement them

— Peter the Great. Because he was a great man