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The “Ural” ice-breaker has been launched


Dmitriy Pavlov, reporter: “What an opportunity – to be able to stand right beside the “Ural” ice-breaker. You feel tiny and defenseless – it’s height already reaches 30 meters. This is almost twice more than the initial plan. It’s overall height, together with the mast, will reach 52 meters. The “Ural” has been built at Russia’s biggest ship dock.


The event’s significance was underlined by the massive anchors hanging above the dock. The thousands who turned up to witness the ship’s launching ceremony. Among them – the city’s head, Alexander Beglov.

Alexander Beglov, interim Governor of St. Petersburg: “I want to thank you for such a wonderful gift to mark the city’s birthday. The Baltic people did themselves proud again. Today we are receiving this wonderful gift – the brand new atomic ice-breaker, which makes our nation stronger! I wish health, luck and more contracts to you! So that more of those ice-breakers are produced at the Baltiyskiy shipyard”.

The ceremony was held right under the ship’s keel. Head of Russia’s Central Bank Elmira Nabiullina could not hide her emotions. It’s understandable – as she is a “godmother” of this ice-breaker.

Elmira Nabiullina, Head of Russia’s Central Bank: “Banks will be issuing a special designated coin to celebrate the atomic ice-breakers fleet – project number 22220”.

Before putting the ship on the water, it is important to keep the naval traditions. The vessel was blessed by a priest – and Elmira Nabiullina cut the rope. Did it quite easily too.

The drops of champagne mixed with those of rain – but it is also a good sign, as many say. And when the chains released the ship, many were surprised. The giant ship descended very rapidly.

The new stage in “Ural’s” life means one thing – the ship-building process is going on at full pace. And those behind the construction are not planning to slow down.

Alexey Rakhmanov, president at OSK: “This is one of the key events for the Baltic fleet – this ice-breaker’s launch. It means that it is on time to become fully operational by the set timeline of 2022. This stage is one of the most important ones, which means that we have loaded all the large-scale equipment”.

The “Ural” is one of the largest atomic ice-breakers in the world. The project was launched in the summer of 2016. It is the third product of the “Iceberg” ship design bureau, under the 22220 project. The first two – “Arktika” and “Sibir” – have already been launched.

Yuriy Borisov, deputy chairman of the Russian Government: “It is with these ships – third-generation ice-breakers – that we have the highest hopes in exploring the Northern sea routes. It is a principally new ship.

The “Ural” is 173 meters in length and 34 meters wide. Reinforced body and three engines will allow it to break through thick ice.

  • We are responsible for making the engines

  • Thank you for the engines, lads!

The ice-breakers main mission is to lay the path for ships carrying natural resources from the Yamal peninsula and the Karsk seabed into the Asian-Pacific markets. The ship is designed in such a way that it can be used both in the Arctic waters and through polar rivers. Another river – those of people who came to see the launch – was overflown with emotions.

  • It moved very fast

  • It also roared as loud as a train. Were you scared?

  • No

The positive vibes were amplified by the fact that this ceremony will take place at least two more times. That is how much more ice-breakers shall be built at the factory over the coming years. The money need for it has already been allocated by the state.