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Alexander Beglov has been asked to run for Governor


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “Now, let’s talk about the main political event of the week. It was quite expected. It was talked about. But it had to happen – and that is why it has become the most expected political sensation of the week. Members of the Public Chamber at the Legislative Council have asked Alexander Beglov to run for Governor’s office. This proposal was voiced by the Hero of the Soviet Union, head of famous Klimov enterprise, member of the Public Chamber – Alexander Vatagin.


Alexander Vatagin, member of the Public Chamber: “Members of the chamber agree with Alexander Dmitrievich’s views on the life of our city, on it’s development and construction – we’ve had enough info to draw this conclusion. That’s why the public chamber has unanimously voted to ask Alexander Dmitrievich to run for the Governor’s office”.

The temporary head of the city, Alexander Beglov, has not made any comments yet. But he will. For the time being, we can say that the race for the governor’s seat has pretty much begun. And in that respect, we have to note that the voting for the seat of St. Petersburg’s Governor will take place on September 8th. According to the law, the city’s parliament has to call the election between 100 and 90 days to the voting. And from that moment on, all candidates are eligible to kick-start their campaigns.

Every citizen of Russia over the age of 30, eligible to vote, with no foreign citizenship and jail time for grievous crimes can run for the Governor’s seat. The Governor is elected for 5 years and cannot occupy the seat for more than two consecutive terms. Regional legislation was altered at the end of last year, which would allow self-promoted candidates to run as well. They will have to pass a “municipal filter” – not only get 10 percent of signatures from municipal deputies, but also have the backing of the electorate. At least 2% of the entire voting pool.

So, the official announcement of the main political battle in St. Petersburg will come soon. And we are in for many interesting political twists and turns. Let’s go!”