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The views worthy of world capitals. An “art-park” will appear at Evropy Embankment


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “Now let’s move on to the main news event of the week. Which directly relates to those which change our city. And exactly such took place this week.


While being in St. Petersburg on an official visit, Vladimir Putin supported the idea of the city’s interim head Alexander Beglov – to create an ambitious park at the site of the former Institute of applied chemistry. I’d like to remind you that initial plans suggested that this space would be allocated for the High Court building – a monumental and architecturally heavy construction.

Naturally, a residential complex for justices and employees from Moscow would’ve sprung up in vicinity too. Something commercially-oriented – to generate investment attractiveness. In short – would’ve put concrete over this part of the city, with parking spaces and residential blocks.

And now – to our delight, which I would like to emphasize – there will be a park here. A zone for theatres and exhibitions. The Boris Eyfman Theatre. A creative space with seeming resemblance to St. Petersburg’s “New Holland” and Moscow’s “Zaradye” Park. Hooray! Let us play witness to this event – and listen how this important decision was made.

Alexander Beglov, interim Governor of St. Petersburg: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you so much for supporting the pleas of the city’s residents. It is very important for us. It signifies a new historic development of our city”.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President: “It is a good project. A large-scale good project. Worthy of St. Petersburg”.

— Will it be like in Moscow, Vladimir Vladimirovich?

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President: “It could be even a little better. First of all, look at the space. Second, look at the location – right on the banks of Neva, overlooking the Petropavlovskaya Fortress and Vasiliyevskiy Island’s beach. The views worthy of European capitals”.

Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “Now let us look in detail where the new park would be situated and get an insight into St. Petersburg’s future. There were two scenarios. Initially, a park was supposed to cover the territory of the so-called “judiciary quarter”. Right at the place where the former institute developed new types of chemical weapons and rocket fuel. But then, according to the interim Governor Alexander Beglov, Valdimir Putin suggested the expansion of this area. And now it will be reaching Dmitriya Likhacheva Square, with an underground passage through Mytninskaya Street. And over there – where Emergencies Ministry boats are now parked – will be a docking area for boats. On the other side, it will reach Yubileynyi Sports Complex. Meaning that the park will be twice as large.

Worth noting that this matches the project by architect Baranov – the chief architect of post-war Leningrad. Academic Likhachev also talked about this – who dreamed of a big park here. Now this dream will become reality. In our, 21st century St. Petersburg.