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Arctic trip of “Pulse of the city”. Surviving the storm



Attention! Due to strong wind, high tide and imminent storm, it is forbidden to go on the open deck until further notice!

Yuriy Scherbakov, reporter: “They told me that the peak worst weather conditions happened overnight. I was actually put into deep slumber by the rocking of the boat. And there were also several storm warnings during the day. But, as they say, a storm cannot cancel the dinner”.

Five-degree storm outside – and the tremor is felt even in my soup bowl. That’s why we have to eat quickly. And also – during a storm, there’s a frequent announcement on the loudspeaker – “handling it like in a storm”. This means that all the things which could break have to be put down on the floor. And, in general, everything on this ship is well-attached. For instance – the fridge is bolted to the floor and cannot be moved. The table is nailed to the floor. Chairs are tied – you cannot move them more than 10-20 centimeters, not more. And everything’s like that in the dining hall. The rules which the sea dictates.

Fifteen minutes ago, there was a calm sea outside the window. And now – look at this beauty! Almost a childish excitement. Even those who have been on these expeditions before and seen those sights, went on deck to take pictures.

Geologists are getting ready to take probes – on deck. The view here is fascinating and a little scary at the same time. You can see the horizon, you can see where the sea ends and the sky begins. And over there is the white mist.

The arctic is a genuine eye-catcher. You can stand for half-an-hour on the deck, waiting to see a polar bear. We were told that if we look closer, we would definitely see some. But for now, we haven’t seen a single bear or a seal. But look at this beauty on the horizon! This is called galo!

What’s the water at the depth of 300 meters in the Artic ocean? Who lives on the bottom of it? And how do you handpick a spot on the ice for a scientific camp? Answers to these questions – next week on the show!