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Ballet show with “The Rolling Stones” music in St. Petersburg – what would it be like?


Natalya Bandurina, reporter: “There is the type of music which feels like it has existed forever – even when you hear it for the first time. Something very familiar.


"Paint in black" by The Rolling stones is exactly that. Maybe that is the reason why these three minutes and twenty two seconds led music charts for decades. It can be heard in English, French or Russian. And more than 10 covers to this song in existence. And now – the violin”.

A violin would not harm the Stones. Nothing would. That’s why it would sound weird – “play this song in a classical, academic version”. The Rolling Stones are classics. 57 years of stage triumph.

Pavel Galaktionov, musician: “They live very honestly. They are honest with their audience – and that’s the recipe of success. People see how honest they are and it drives their success, I think”.

Exactly so. The Greatest. Mick Jagger is a Sir – he was knighted by the Queen of England. It would seem that he would be able to do anything he wanted after that – but actually he had never held back even before. The famous rock-n-roll rascal has done so many things on stage. Just about everything – except ballet in Russia, in St. Petersburg. The word on the ground is that the premiere will take place in April. But there are no details. And that generates the biggest intrigue today.

Natalya Bandurina, reporter: “What kind of music does not inspire movement – including those inside ballet halls? Of course, old rockers did not really see it that way when they decided to involve themselves in a ballet show. But Mick Jagger’s girlfriend is a young dancer – and what would you not do for the woman you love?”

But we’ll talk about this later – ballet and Jagger’s women which always inspired – and keep inspiring – the 75-year-old stud. You may ask – what does Mick Jagger have to do with St. Petersburg? But they crossed in 2007. The Rolling Stones’ concert at Dvortsovaya gathered 50 thousand spectators.

Dmitriy was at that concert – and even stood on the square itself. Not on the roof of the adjoining building – as many willing to see the real legend with their own eyes did.

Dmitriy Panov, musician: “These are avid representatives of adult rock – they are born on stage, they die on stage and are reborn there. They live through every bit of sound they produce. “The Rolling Stones” is a vivid phenomenon. It’s not about merely putting on a show, but living a life on stage”.

Back then, after the concert Jagger, as he usually does, ditched his own security guards and took a walk through the city. Some say they saw him on the subway. And rumors have it that he celebrated his birthday at the Yusupov Palace.

Few know that Jagger had been fascinated with St. Petersburg even before coming here. And Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” novel blew his mind away, he claimed. After reading it, he came up with these lines for his song.

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the czar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain

This is from «Sympathy for the devil” – which could be one of your favorite songs. But have you ever wondered about its meaning?

Do you still wonder why he chose St. Petersburg and ballet? The great Russian ballerina Yulia Makhalina does not. As rebellious in nature as Jagger himself, she has not yet seen the libretto or choreography, but – for some reason – already has a vision of what it would look like.

Yulia Makhalina, renowned Russian ballerina: “I see a woman in a black overcoat walking by and dropping flowers – followed by men, dressed in black too”.

The first rock ballet was staged with Metallica’s and Rammstein’s music back in 2014 – in a small German town of Schwerin. There were reports of a full-house attendance – all tickets were sold on the next day after release. With all due respect to Rammstein, just imagine for a second – what would happen if it is “The Rolling Stones” in St. Petersburg?

Alina Kadysheva, head of ballet school for children: “With their music, you want to go for wider movement. Relaxation. The body moves by itself and you want to open up. They can conduct just about any experiment and it would be very interesting.

But returning to Jagger’s girlfriend. Melanie Hamrick has been working with Mick Jagger on this project. She’s twice younger than the rock star and has never been to St. Petersburg. But she was taught by Russian teachers in Washington,

The English newspaper “The Times” reports that she would be the lead in the show with the music by her 75-year-old boyfriend. Something while we can only imagine now – while anticipating. But if it is to happen, then it must happen in St. Petersburg – the world capital of ballet.