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Love and football. Foreign fans and Russian girls


Russian news agencies are informing daily - traffic of dating apps has grown ten-fold. Escort agencies are also seeing sharp increase in demand and prices. But those who are into mutual consent kind of love note how modest and friendly St. Petersburg’s girls are


A popular bar next to the fan-zone is busy 24 hours a day. For Julio and Georg - two friends from Brazil - this is the third World Cup. But Russia impressed them the most, breaking many stereotypes.

  • I thought Russians were very serious. We have been received very well, very friendly, we’re having a great time!

People show their delight in ways they like. One put a jersey with «Igor» on the back - probably liked the name. The other sings Russian songs, although with my help.

Such easy-going behavior is the best method of flirting with local dames. But Argentinian football association even printed an instruction for traveling fans on how to get closer with Russian women. Here’s a sample from «language and culture» part of a designated guide.

  1. Russian women take notice of men who dress and smell well. Pay attention to how you look.

  2. Russian girls don’t like to be seen as an object. Watch your principles and don’t ask stupid questions about sex. It is an intimate thing for the Russians.

Argentinians have apologized for that, but it has caused some discussions across the world. Including by Russian women.

Alexandra Ivanova: «I think its a brilliant instruction - and it should be handed out to Russian men»

  • how do foreign fans treat you?

  • They are being nice. We live and work in the center and see a lot of them. They are behaving well, and this is very nice.

No spare seats at a bar on Rubinstein street. The Spain - Iran game is about to start on TV. The biggest room is occupied by Mexicans. Football aside, they’re discussing victories off the pitch.

  • We need an instruction too! Can I have a look? Have you talked to any girls?

  • Yes, I have an app on my phone. Also, we met a local yesterday - Max - he’s our guide and expert. We’ve been texting.

Russian news agencies are informing daily - traffic of dating apps has grown ten-fold. Escort agencies are also seeing sharp increase in demand and prices. But those who are into mutual consent kind of love note how modest and friendly St. Petersburg’s girls are.

Said Sayed: «Russian girls like to talk about family, values. Never heard them being mercantile or focusing on money. So many stereotypes about Russians!»

Carnivals, tournaments, festivals. When the whole world meets at one place, people behave differently, according to psychologist Alexander Nikulin.

Alexander Nikulin, psychologist: «When people get together, they get warmer - communication becomes easier and responsibility becomes blurred. When im alone, it might be a task to get friendly with a girl, but its easier if its two of us»

Fans themselves make jokes about a provocative subject. Wife of Gabriel - father of three - let him go to Russia with a heavy heart:

- Im not looking at girls! Promised to my wife that I wont take the wedding ring off. Look!

Free men put on jerseys saying «im not married», married men take banners asking TV cameras not to capture them, as their wives think they are on a business trip. Guests and hosts of international student festival in 1957 Moscow behaved entirely different. Alpinist and gymnast Svetlana Lepko shows her pictures, she took part in the opening of the festival.

  • The whole world walked in front of our eyes. Back then there were almost no Africans here, but at the ceremony there were entire delegations.

Watching news about this World Cup’s atmosphere, Svetlana Nikolayevna is happy for today’s youths. She could only dream about such freedom of communication in her young days.

  • Were foreigners trying to flirt with you? Or just make contact?

  • No, we were banned from anything like that

  • Were you prepared for this?\

  • Yes, thats why we tried to avoid eye contact and getting close. If we were going somewhere, we had to let a senior person know. We were being watched.

But in spite of all that, Soviet girls and foreign delegates still managed to find ways to know each other better. A new generation emerged in a year, which was called «children of the festival».

They grew without fathers, they were discussed in schools and households. Half a century later, someone philosophically described it as «renewal of the nation» - which had happened before. Others would react in a far more radical way. Like chairman of State Duma committee on matters of family, women and children Tamara Pletneva, who issued an official warning to Russian women. Here’s here quote: «They get married, get taken away and then they don’t know how to come back. Girls like that knock on my door all the time - my child was taken away, I don’t know what to do. I want people in our country to marry because of love - and be Russian citizens»

Meanwhile, the carnival never stops at Nevskiy. Traveling fans are mostly middle-aged educated men. Could be that costs of flying from Mexico or Brazil to Russia became the stumbling block for younger ones. But these foreigners here are having massive fun.

And are ready to carry Russian women in their arms.

Evgeniya Altfeld, reporter: «This world cup will leave a bright trace in world history. But it will also play a special role in the lives of thousands of people. New friends and, maybe, even families. And some will look at this world with completely new eyes».