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Aviation in action. Helicopters and fighter jets of the Western Military District hit the training targets


The aero group of the Western Military District conducted a raid on a training airfield today. Pilots were tasked with destroying AA guns, followed by hitting training targets on the ground. Vladimir Koptsev witnessed the execution


The personnel of the Levashovo military airfield were the only ones affected by the cold. Lower margins of clouds – 500, wind – 10 meters/second. Green light for flights. Winged machines were ready to conduct another training exercise.

Igor Kondratyev, commander of the 1st aviation squad: “Mi-8 helicopters are imitating destruction of AA guns, while An-26 fighter jets bomb a training airfield target”

Helicopters will hit the ground targets with uncontrolled aerial missiles. Technicians load up the deadly ammo into the launch bays. It’s a little more complicated with the planes. Bombs will be delivered to the targets by An-26

Vladislav Sedoy, deputy commander of the base on aviation engineering: “The military transportation plane An-26 is designed to carry personnel. Can carry up to 35 people and 5 tons of cargo”

It is, in essence, a flying cargo truck. But how do you arm it? Not so simple, it seems.

Vladimir Koptsev, reporter: “Initially, An-26 is not meant to drop bombs. But with these special holders, which are attached right to the plane’s body, a military transport plane turns into a bomber”

Training P50-T bombs have been attached. Those will not detonate, but will shoot flares once they reach the ground. “All aboard” signal is made. Last minute checks and up they go. The destination is right on the border of the Leningrad region.

Vladimir Koptsev, reporter: “The airfield with training targets is located at Kingisepp, and getting there turned out to be easier than we expected. We were allowed to film the training raid from on board a helicopter”

The distance between Levashovo and the Estonian border was covered in just 20 minutes by Mi-8s. By the incline of the helicopter, we understand that it is about to hit a target.

Missiles travel at 450 meters a second. Planes follow. They drop bombs from the height of several thousand meters. Back at the base, journalists are briefed about the successful training mission.

Anatoliy Kizyakov, commander of the aviation squad: “According to reports from control group and the test field management – everything is excellent, both helicopters and planes are back on the ground. The crews passed the tasks, no errors made”

Thanks to trainings like these – which are held once a month by the entire aviation squadron – we can say with absolute certainty – pilots of the Western Military District are ready to destroy any ground targets