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“You can walk, look and touch”. First visitors to the “Russia – my history” park share their impressions


The “Russia – my history” multimedia park opened its doors to visitors today. School students were the first to take a tour.


Those running the tour say that not only you can touch the items, but you simply have to. Today the museum opens registration for both individual and group tours. Up until April, there will be no cover charge for the exhibition. Alexander Burenin took a look

Interactive exhibition with interactive visitors. Many detail every step of their tour on social media – because the world has to know of such an excursion.

Grade 8-9 school students have been learning modern history in a classroom, but it’s the first experience of getting knowledge in such a setting. These kids say that textbooks provide facts, while here they can feel the atmosphere of that epoch.

Raisa Bocharova, grade 9 student: “It was here that I have learnt about the “Khruschovkas”, how people lived in those and what cars they drove at that time”.

Tour guides insist – museum items are recommended to be touched. And visitors immediately follow those. After all, they are still children in grade 8 or 9.

Valeriya Isayeva, grade 8 student: “We liked it very much – where you can switch on the cones. Everything moves and electricity goes on. You open multiple bookmarks there. And you can walk, look and touch”

Even If you have top marks in history and now the class well, you won’t get bored here. Having had a first look at the exhibition, you can take your parents here and show it to them.

Daniil Gruzdev, grade 9 student: “The history of Russia is presented entirely in one place, and very well done too. I like history a lot and will be a frequent visitor here”

The tour takes 90 minutes, and keeps the attention of the children alive throughout. They are not in a rush to leave. Even more so, they return to the items they have liked the most – to scroll through entire interactive presentations and, certainly, add more photos.