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Ready for photos. Three bridges by the Spas-na-Krovi Church are anticipating newlyweds and tourists


Six months for thorough renovation work – and now the famous Three Bridges are open, renovated. Panteleymonovskiy Bridge has also been renewed. Alexander Burenin reports on how Malo-Konyushennyi, Teatralnyi and the so-called Lozhnyi Bridges have been changed and what they look like now


The first pedestrian at the re-opened bridges is not your average one. He checks the renovated pavement with horse shoes. According to blueprints, works have been conducted through 20 technological processes. Simply put – those elements which could’ve been removed without a chainsaw were taken to a workshop. The rest was renovated on the spot

Sergey Makarov, chairman of KGIOP St. Petersburg: “Its always better to renovate at a workshop. Its an axiom. We have managed to take down almost all of the decorations at Panteleymonovskiy Bridge, but could not take any at Trekhchastnyi – that’s why most of the work was conducted in so-called “greenhouses”, paying attention to temperatures.

All elements were returned to the spot unharmed. The only thing which had to go – traditional wedding locks. Those will not return, but will not be dumped too. Those are kept at a warehouse – and there’s even a suggestion on a future use for those.

Igor Albin, vice-governor of St. Petersburg: “Mostotrest is in possession of all those locks. We can do an exhibition – because there’s a story of a family behind every single lock. So we cannot just recycle those”

The Three Bridges area is known for its scenic sights – standing next to Spas-na-Krovi Church and Moyka river. There was an idea back in the days – to turn it into a single bridge-square, but the three directions have been eventually preserved. In the Soviet times, before the renovation work on the decorations, the Bridges’ pillars were also renovated.

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “The Three Bridges area turns 185, so the works have been completed to mark the anniversary. Panteleymonovskiy Bridge will celebrated a jubilee next year. It’s a bad habit to congratulate people ahead of time, but this does not apply to bridges – so it was also opened today. This place is, by the way, famous – Pushkin lived close to the Bridge, at Petsel street, for a period of time.