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The Music Hall stages a play “Mary Poppins with us”, based on Maksim Dunaevsky’s music


When Walt Disney decided to film a musical based on her books, Pamela Travers was furious. She didn’t like a thing about it – animation, the too-pretty Julia Andrews in the main role and, particularly, songs. We can only guess what the writer would have said about the Soviet film “Goodbye, Mary Poppins”. But viewers loved both films


Today, the “Music Hall” theatre premiered the “Mary Poppins with us” play, with the favorite tunes by Maksim Dunaevsky. Darya Patrina reports

The wind blowing from the West. Its getting colder. As we know well, usually this wind means Mary Poppins will soon fly away. Its unclear though as to which wind would bring her back. But from time to time, in different places across the world, both young and old notice her elegant silhouette and light steps. In Russia, the world-famous babysitter is usually accompanied by the all-too-familiar tunes

Yulia Strizhak, director of the “Music Hall” theatre: Maksim Dunaevsky particularly loves this musical. He attended the rehearsals. He gave his general approval, although on one condition – that the music remains on high level”.

In the early 1980s, when the famous Soviet movie hit the screens, adults probably thought that children no longer believed in miracles. 30 years on, those children are now adults themselves – and have the same thoughts about their little ones. 3D-mapping is hardly a miracle, rather a feat of technological progress. But both young and old are still longing for miracles, encompassing and magical.

Vasiliy Zarzhestkiy, director: “Compassion is the biggest miracle of this play. Not the special effects that we use”

Mary Poppins has become kinder on the stage of the Music Hall. She turned from the Snow Queen into a Fairy, capable of loving. But the style and the manners of the English nanny have remained.

Viktoria Zhukova, actress: “When I came to the first rehearsal, I was delighted. Mary Poppins – a beautiful and intelligent lady!”

Just like in the London’s suburbs, an umbrella would always come in handy. St. Petersburg’s weather is pretty dire at the moment. But Mary Poppins promised not to fly away from the stage of the Music Hall – ignoring even the strongest wind from the West. At least until the summer comes.