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George Martin in the Northern Capital


America writer, one of the authors of the “Game of Thrones” series has visited St. Petersburg. Hundreds of his fans paralyzed traffic on Nevskiy, having lined up for the autograph of their idol. So, what is so attractive about the world of ice and fire? And where does Martin draw his inspiration? Anton Tsuman looked for answers


Dressed-up “Petr and Ekaterina” looking at other cosplayers strolling down the boardwalk of the Vasilievskiy Island with wide eyes – those dressed up as characters of the most popular TV series ever. If you are familiar with its world, you’d get a feeling that Westeros and St. Petersburg have merged into one here.

Mikhail, 28 years old, actor – he is John Snow, the King of the North. Olga, 26 years old, make-up artist – she is Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. Here, at the boardwalk, they are preparing a surprise for the American writer.

While Mikhail and Olga were setting thigs up, George Martin was giving his first press-conference in Russia. Journalists anticipated his arrival almost as rigorously as fans of the series anticipated the resurrection of John Snow.

Martin made a royal entrance to the press room. Followed by the entourage of his agent and representatives of Russian publishers. You could think he was an American professor – a cap, glasses and a long beard. Looks are deceiving – when it comes to one of the creators of the most popular TV series in history.

Unfortunately, this event was closed for fans. That’s why we directed Mikhail and Olga’s questions to the man and invited them to listen to the answers. For instance, Mikhail wanted to know about the most unusual source of inspiration.

Olga’s question was more specific – if Martin ever had a temptation to re-write the fate of a character. And she received a half-joking answer, so typical for the American author.

George Martin, writer: “When you’re filming TV series, and you meet the actors who play your characters and get to know them better, often becoming friends with them – you also exhibit a feeling of guilt. You already know that you will be responsible for their dismissal in a few months or years”

Mikhail: “Certainly, if you looked at George Martin as an employer, you’d probably want to steer clear of him. Shawn, we need you, but only for eight episodes!”

George Martin, writer: “So sometimes I feel sorry for certain actors, that they will have to leave the show. But books have been written a long time ago – long before I got to meet the wonderful young actors playing these roles”

Mikhail: “Woah, it’s a spoiler right here! All books have been written before the series. So its quite possible that “The Winds of Winter” has been written already too?”

“The Winds of Winter” is the new chapter of “The Song of Ice and Fire”, which millions of fans across the world have been waiting for. In St. Petersburg, thousands of fans had been waiting for an opportunity to get Martin’s autograph. They assembled in a line, looking just like the famous Wall from the “Game of Thrones|.

On average, it took Martin 5 seconds to sing an autograph. Many have turned up wearing costumes, like Mikhail and Olga. The latter was dressed as the mysterious priestess Melisandre this time. Instead of “Game of Thrones”, we turned them into our channel’s correspondents – to ask fellow fans why they were so keen to meet their idol.

– What’s going on here now?
– You don’t know anything, John Snow!
– I don’t understand how to communicate to people.
– Jokes aside, how long have you been here?
– Around 5 hours.
– It will probably get worse.

– What’s your impression of Martin?
– Very positive

One thing is certain. Every single person here found something of their own in the world of ice and fire. Some may find certain resemblance between St. Petersburg and the King’s Landing. Winterfell and Olaf’s Tower. Or our characters, whose looks are equally organic for the Dragonstone Beach and the shores of Neva. Although, they haven’t managed to present Martin with their own gift yet