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The upscale renovation. Works at the Oak dining hall of the Yusupov Palace have been concluded


The  Yusupov Palace will soon be opened with its new outlook. The restoration works have now been 70% completed. The Oak dining hall is fully ready. In order to bring back the historic outlook, specialists used seven types of wood. Some elements were not renewed, but some parts had to be replaced by modern materials. Alexander Odintsov looked at the unique work


Lightbulbs on the ceiling lamp are the last ones to be installed. By the way, it is the first electric one at the Yusupov Palace. They have been retained since the end of the 19th century. Hand-carved small men, branches of flowers and fruit, winged female figures – all of those have survived well when the restoration works began. Just as the oak elements of the walls

Nina Kukuruzova, director of St. Petersburg's house of culture of enlightenment workers: "We are very happy that the interior outlook was reborn, because in 1986 all of this unique handwork was covered with soot after a fire. It was removed, but it was impossible back then to do it just like restoration workers did it today. I always say - they were very careful owners, and we are continuing their traditions".

Only some of the losses were restored at the ceiling lamp and hand-carved decorations of the Oak dining room. Unlike pillars. During the Soviet time those were simply covered it with a different cloth. Nowadays, restoration workers have found parts of the materials from the original owners' time. Naturally, those were not renewed.

Slava Simkina, head of monuments department at KGIOP: "This item was in a bad condition, but we still wanted to exhibit it. But how can you do it when it's falling apart? Then restoration workers from the ethnographic museum found a synthetic cloth which did not weigh anything at all – 5 grams per m²

It was hard to establish the original color from the burned out fragments. Those were re-created, as they say at the palace. The material was ordered at the Moscow factory. Now the dining room looks like in the 1890s. Although, originally this room was not meant for dinners at all

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: "Originally this place was a Winter garden. Architect Bernar Simon created it in 1840. But in approximately half a century, count Yusupov wanted to set up a dining hall here. But it seems that its Oak only in its name. There have been many more types of wood used here for decoration. Floor boards alone were made of seven different types”

In this case they were lucky – the rare type of wood which were used to make the floorboards exist to these days. The total cost of the renovation of the Oak dining hall was 60 million

It also kick-started the renovation of the neighboring Vigi hall. Where, by the way, the floor will be the bulk of the work – this was the entrance room. And this marathon of cultural and historical renovation has been going on here since 2012.

Sergey Makarov, chairman of KGIOP: "In the last five years the city has financed the restoration of the fences, the garden, and the façade, as well as the Mauritian dining hall and the white columns hall. This year the works will cost 218 million rubles

People working at the palace say that the historic outlook has only been restored at the 70% of rooms, among them is the white column hall – the most complex one in terms of restoration, as well as the grandiose Mauritian guest room. But the entrances to those, including the personal bedroom of the count - are next in line to be restored.