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A few simple moves and you are a conquistador! Let's go back in time at the cultural festival of renaissance “Alexandria Carousel. The Golden Age”



Mikhail Shal, reporter: “Learning history through books and classes is outdated. It's much more interesting to attend a historic festival where you can delve into history completely. Today we are at the “Alexandria Carousel”

Daniil Vedernikov, director of the “Alexandria Carousel” festival: “The carousel is first and foremost a horse riding spectacle. Because it was initially a horse riding spectacle, but then became the name for a whole attraction. At first, we had a concept of a Renaissance fair festival. This is a very popular format in the United States, where they did not have their own middle-age Renaissance, but they like to dress up as European people. But then we decided to put it all into one hat – to do the court culture of 17th and 18th century, but we also have different elements, like musketeers from the 17 century and characters from the 18 century.

Mikhail Shal, reporter: “At the fair you can even try on the gear of ancient warriors. And this is Roman who is the real hero of our time. Roman who do you think I could be? Could I be a warrior?”

Roman Elagin, armorer of historic resconstruction club “Lubek”: “I think you look like a conquistador, the Spanish conqueror in the times when America was conquered, let's try to find a suitable garment for you. We put a cuirass on you, it's quite heavy, at the times of the conquistadors firearms emerged, and the usual shields could not protect from gunfire. That's why those are so heavy and thick. You're almost bulletproof. And here is the suitable helmet. Also very happy and massive. Let's also take care of your Spanish beard

Mikhail Shal, reporter: “Well now I'm ready to go conquer America”

Daniil Vedernikov, director of the “Alexandria Carousel” festival: “Alexandria Carousel is a holiday which takes place on the first day and then we have a fair. We're not aiming to have a nonstop concert schedule here. It's quite enough that people come here, take a walk among the retailers, attend master classes and just get pleasure from the park with such calm recreation

Mikhail Shal, reporter: “There's a real chaos on the field. Ours are retreating, nothing is clear, who is attacking who, but I liked it a lot - that it's fun”

Daniil Vedernikov, director of the “Alexandria Carousel” festival: “We want to show the lost holidays and traditions. It has such a rich material which can only be interesting to the modern day spectator. That's why we decided to do this, having being inspired by the old scenarios, music, decorations, costumes. To do something like that here - at the Peterhoff

Mikhail Shal, reporter: “You can try out middle aged meals, wear garments of different epochs and even try yourself out as Tzar’s falconer. In general, the atmosphere at Alexandria Carousel is so good that when you leave it still takes time for you to understand which millennium you're living in”