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Not on the list. An old building erected before the revolution is due for demolition in St. Petersburg


Before the new “Narvskaya Zastava” apartment complex will be constructed, a building which was erected before World War I will have to be demolished.


The building is not protected by the state, and after historians conducted their analysis it was not considered as valuable either. Entire districts of the city are the same - not protected by either the state or UNESCO. At the Baltiyskaya street alone, there are twenty pre-revolution buildings. Artem Sharipov tried to find out why their future is uncertain

Elen Lelina shows the postwar Leningrad to the people. And it's not hard to find it. The entire Baltiyskaya St. is like a monument to Stalin’s era. The tour guide likes to take St. Petersburg residents here so they can see how unusual their native city was after the years of the Blockade

Elena Lelina, historian, tour guide: “People hung out the laundry to dry in the backyards, which is not typical for Leningrad. It's more of a Moscow thing. They also went out to play chess. Do you remember the “Pokrovskie Vorota” movie which shows Moscow of those times?

The Moscow of those days only remains in movies, but St. Petersburg of this era can be accessed by public transportation. And when you come here you can see that all those revolution buildings have change their outlook

Some of them have arches, some of them received a genuine Stalin Empire outlook. The Russia of pre-1917 is not on everyone's lips, and it seems that it has no value. Except one building

Artem Sharipov, reporter: “The pearl of the street, modern style. The buildings which are interesting from a historical point of view. At Baltiyskaya street, 22 buildings have been built before the revolution, and only number 32 was never rebuilt or changed.

Nothing has been altered, but it's not on the list of protected buildings, like a loan warrior. The officials confirm – the building did not go through analysis, because not one historian or resident ever applied for one. That is the only way that an architectural masterpiece standing far from the city center can obtain a monument status

Alexey Mikhailov, deputy chair, KGIOP of St. Petersburg: “Preservation, the architectural style and authorship are valuable here. Those are being evaluated by both our employees and outside specialists

The outside specialists have considered building number six on the Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya St. not historically valuable, so it will be demolished. There will be a new apartment complex – new, modern, and maybe even beautiful – build on this place, called “Narvskaya Zastava”. The old building which has been numerously renovated has been included into the rejuvenation program

Dmitriy Mikhalyov, head of department on governmental communications at “Spb Renovatsia”: “This program is having a major social value, that sometimes they make exceptions for us – include buildings for demolition, but only if they're not valuable. If the building is considered as a monument, it would never be demolished.

A building considered as a monument really is protected. But it turns out that only the status protects the building, not those who live in it or service it. On the other hand, the state is not willing to take every pre-revolution building under its wing. But it's quite possible that right now St. Petersburg is losing buildings which will be remembered in nine years