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Emotions of St. Petersburg. How the city celebrated the Navy day


Since morning we have been providing live feeds of the festivities. Residents and guests of St. Petersburg, celebrities, are marking the day. Many of them are connected with sea in one way or another. Our correspondent Alfiya Bekarslanova reports on the moods of the residents on the Navy Day


Renowned Russia's actor Ivan Krasko graduated from the first Baltic High Naval college, commanded a battalion of paratroopers ship at the Danube fleet

Ivan Krasko, renowned actor of the Russian Federation: “I congratulate everyone with his grandiose festivity, a marvelous parade. The most important thing is that the Navy has been reborn, and today I think it's a new birthday of the Russian navy”

Residents of Kronschdatd watched the live broadcast on our network and were actively involved in everything going on in St. Petersburg

Ivan Furtsevich, viewer: “We had a look at the commander-in-chief, heard the anthem, saw the main parade in St. Petersburg. We are all together all connected, thank you

Andrey Golokhvastov, viewer: “It is really pleasant to watch, exciting and beautiful, greatly organized.

A concert at the Dvortsovaya square gathered several thousand spectators

The Pumov family: “We want to wish that sailors remain as beautiful as at the parade today. We really like their parade uniform. We also want to wish that they remain brave, manly, courageous. And that families and friends always wait for them to return from the seas”

The festivities culminated in the Northern Capital with pompous fireworks by the walls of the Petropavlovskaya Fortress at 10 PM