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Confidence versus magic. Footballers of Germany and Chile tested the fans nerves


The confederations cup has come to an end in St. Petersburg. Around 60,000 fans have come to the St. Petersburg stadium to watch the match between Germany and Chile


There were many celebrities at the venue – legends like Diego Maradona, Julio Baptisto, Ronaldo, Marseille Desailly, Eto’o

The cup itself was brought on to the pitch 15 minutes before the kick off between Germany and Chile. Alexander Burenin reports

Before the game the Chile fans won over everyone. More than 5000 people watched the final match in the fan zone. Even the official forecast maker, who is named after the mascot of the tournament, the Zabivaka wolf, succumbed to the feeling of the crowd and handed the win to the Latin American team, unlike the cat-prophet from the Hermitage

Kids depicted the first 20 minutes of the game the best. The Chileans where energetic and determined, while Germans were trying to avoid a goal. But when the defender Diaz made a crucial mistake at the Krestovskiy stadium, it became clear how many fans Chileans had. The German goal was celebrated by just a few

For the entire second half of the Chileans continued testing the fans nerves. They had many chances to at least bring the game into extra time. At some point in the game became rough and had many confrontations, the referee had a lot of work. Eventually, having spent 45 minutes besieging the goal of the opposition, the Chileans stopped - but only having heard the final whistle. The old football expression became real again

Alexander Burenin reporter: “No matter who participates, Germans always win. There was enough of Chilean magic to make it into the final and make everyone fall in love with the team. But in the decisive game those were the Germans who lifted the cup - as if to remind us that they just never lose”

Maybe Chile will win again, but that's a totally different story. The feast of football cannot last forever. Although it will be repeated. In exactly one year – at the World Cup. And this will be much more significant than the confederations cup, although people from the land of Goethe can still win it again