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Where are the greenest backyards and rooftops in St. Petersburg?


Anna Lesina, reporter: “Walking for a few minutes down a noisy street, then turn into a backyard, take one staircase up - and here it is, a little green garden on a rooftop in the heart of St. Petersburg”


Three years ago residence or four apartments at the building on Syezhinskaya St. decided to turn the parking lot rooftop into a green island of beauty. They created a project unique for St. Petersburg – mini-Versailles on a rooftop of the building, with a fountain and a gazebo, surrounded by hundreds of flowers. A real medicine from stress. However, the smog in the city and cold winters are still doing the damage.

Darya Fedorova, decorator: “Everything we plant here is experimental. Some plants survive, some don't. We have blended a lot of grapes, wood-like hydrangea, which will blossom in large hats. Planting aestivaria, cedars, though part of those has frozen out

50 different type of plants do not only serve an aesthetic function. A green roof top is also an excellent warm container - in the summer the rooftop doesn't get too hot, in the winter it keeps the warm inside the building

Little farther away is the garden in the backyard of the Barochnaya St. It's hard to imagine that it used to be an abandoned back alley. Larisa Shepchinskaya herself went to the authorities suggesting that the non-pretty place should be turned into a green one. The initiative has been supported

Larisa Shepchinskaya, creator of a summer garden: “I started planting here, but it was very difficult because there was hardly any soil here. It was a very solid pavement. So first we had to remove the rocks and put some soil

A neighbor and a designer have recently joined the project. Through common effort a rose garden has emerged, lilacs are blossoming, petunias are providing their vibrant colors. The backyard at the Kamyshovaya St. looks like a real jungle. 300 m² of vivid greenery appeared here thanks to Darya and her mom. Peonies, cedars, snowball-trees, roses. Walking down the garden you can study botanics – the flowers here are very diverse!

Darya Fedorova, decorator: “Every year I, as a landscape designer, buy a bunch of plants which are necessary for me. I have nowhere to plant them, that's why we are expanding our garden all the time”

Anna Lesina, reporter: “Asphalt consumes the trees, bushes and lawns. It seems that there's no free space for gardens within the city. But actually there's a lot of free space! Just remember – it's up to you to turn your own backyard into our heavenly corner like this”