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The might of “Siberia”. The second 222-20 series icebreaker made by the Baltiyskiy Factory will become operational in the fall


In the fall this year, the Baltiyskiy factory will release its second 222–20 serious icebreaker, called “Siberia”. “RosAtomoFlot” has ordered three of those in total


Besides “Siberia”, those are “Arctic” and “Ural”. All are in different stages of production, but when they're ready - these nuclear giants will perform their duties on the Northern sea route. Evgeniy Solovyev saw the might and the beauty which is being born at the Baltiyskiy Factory.

When you see such giant for the first time, it's hard to believe that not only it is capable of going out into the open sea, but also operate in the most severe conditions, without the need to dock at any port for seven years. Crews will rotate, supplies will be airdropped, but the conqueror of the endless icy desert, which is three times bigger than the largest missile boat “Moskva”, will be steadily on its path, as well as carrying the caravan of ships behind

Evgeniy Solovyev, reporter: “174 m long, 34 m wide and 50 m high. This is the stage of the first deck where we’re standing at right now. To make it clear, this is basically a five story building. When the body of the ship is completed, it will be released into the water and the on-deck construction will begin. After that is done, the “Siberia” will be overlooking the Gulf of Finland from the height of 52 m”

And the views will be just like that. The flagship nuclear icebreaker has already had the on deck facilities built, and the shots are genuinely exclusive. Noteworthy, that all icebreakers from the series carry the names of its majestic predecessors, which have already served their duty – the “Arctic”, the “Siberia” and the “Ural”. Such is the tradition

Vadim Golovanov, head of 222-20 icebreaker project’s construction: “This tradition is not only alive at the Baltiyskiy Factory. It's a general tradition of ship-building. Just as at the Baltiyskiy Factory we've built the submarines under the guidance of the engineer, they all had names – “Wolf”, “Boar”, “Leopard” and “Panther”. Currently all submarines of the Northern Fleet carry the same names, as far as I know. The same applies to large ships”

In order to make such colossal ship move, as well as breaking ice of 4 m thick there, we need much more than just a powerful engine. That's why there will be the atomic heart beating in the body of the “Siberia”. The nuclear reactor will be installed in a special compartment, which will guarantee 100% safety from radiation – both to the crew and, importantly enough, to the environment

160 years of the Baltiyskiy Factory’s existence, around 600 military ships and submarines have been built here. The “Siberia”, the “Ural” and the “Arctic” without doubt will become the flagship produce of the civic atomic fleet under the “made in St. Petersburg” brand.