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Bolshaya Morskaya: reloaded. Granite on the street's sidewalk will be replaced by new one


Bolshaya Morskaya St. is in for a revamp. It will be renewed by the time of the city's birthday. The old Granite pavement will be replaced. Right now works are being conducted at the segment between Nevskiy and Isaakiyevskaya square


The way the street looked before the renovation is still seen on the odd side. Mariya Evsyukova found out how the outlook of Bolshaya Morskaya will change and why do you need "Mashka" during the works.

The granite is cut, laid and hammered in here. However, simply using modern technologies to replace pavement in St. Petersburg is not enough. The hammer which has been tested by time is applied – colloquially it's called “Mashka”

Konstantin Filatov, paver: “It was in Peter the Great's time that they started using the so-called “Mashka” – to hammer down slabs of granite - for those to hold well. The process is relatively complicated”

It's only in the beginning of the 19 century that St. Petersburg sidewalks were begun to be renovated. Alexander the I ordered to renovate all streets of the capital. They began at Gorokhovaya, Milionnaya and then both Morskaya streets. The Tsar also defined the material and parameters - granite rocks of two arshine.

Yuriy Mikhailov, head of segment: “Now we are replacing the slabs of granite. Those are made at the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region – the “Vozrozhdeniye” mine. Some is also brought from Karelia, they're called Gabbro Diabaz. Its mixed paving here”

Using granite slabs is not only about St. Petersburg’s tradition. Laboratory testing showed that it's also the sturdiest material

Kirill Ivanov, head of ‘Dormost”: “This year we have to close off this quarter. Last year we renovated Malaya Morskaya, this year it's going to be Bolshaya Morskaya, and then the rocks which we remove here will be re-laid a Gorokhovaya St. The entire block from Fontanka to Admiralty will be made of natural rock, very pretty”.

Kirill Ivanov, head of ‘Dormost”: In order to safeguard the building entrances and basement from flooding, specialists have attached a special waterproof coating on the buildings”

Mariya Evsyukova, reporter: “In order to retain the united architectural outlook, there will also be replacements for the two traffic lights at the crossing of Bolshaya Morskaya and Gorokhovaya streets with the Voznesenskiy Prospekt. The plan is to finish all the works by the Day of the City”